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About Jass Limo


Jass limousine service makes travel a luxurious accessory for its passengers riding around in its comfortable, cozy fleets throughout the reach till the event and after. Luxury driving is a privilege for a customer that needs to be properly guided and handled. So keeping in mind the style and quality aspect of this limo service, our model vehicles for customers gives them the option to choose their favorite ride of ultimate superiority and luxury. Limousine travel is regarded as the occasional memorable lasting ride of the life, so make sure that you opt for the best and ride with best.

Consistently Satisfactory

A good service always brings back customers, so for that consistency in every part of the service is the key to get a business growing, even if there are number of other businesses operating. Consistency in response to customers whenever they query is the best vital fact from Jass’s part that customers truly appreciate. Being consistent does not happen overtime, as experience builds the better out of anybody, and anytime you have the need for a consistent service, we have that experience to professionally deal with it.

24/7 Availability

Whenever you are in need of a luxury limo travel, we invite you to book on our 24/7 online reservation system that makes a start of your journey with us, which after that you get assistance from our customer care who would handle all your queries very well from any place and at any time. No need to worry if you don’t get a schedule for your event from us, as even then we find availability for you from other operators, so that business coordination is maintained well between our partners to keep this service going good and best.


Flexibility from a business demands paying active attention to what one actually needs when communicating. In order to have flexibility with customers first there should be a pure clarity communication with them, like for example to say, sometimes a customer on the spot cancels the service that is not avoidable. For getting these things to be handled, Jass limo always maintains its clear cut policy on reminding the customers about their ride day cancellation with proper advanced communications keeping in mind the flexible hours of the customer. Other points to note is, sometimes customers get late while coming or going to airport due to flight delay, we know all these unavoidable things happen, so our effort is to be accommodative with the customers anytime, providing and maintaining the standards of this business.


Led by the values of providing impressive ride, Jass Limousine Services is not just a fun loving adventure operator, but that its vitality is to make sure that its process involving safe operations planning are given a special care off. Ensuring the workplace safety measures off and on the field, Jass manages to get updated on all the driver's guides and operations including with the office staff as well over licenses and training (like drug and alcohol tests, background screenings, DMV, etc.). On road safety builds trust for a customer to show their faith upon us, so if anything goes wrong, everyone in Jass is trained and ready to put up proper safety procedures into the situation. Our mentality is to make customers happy while strictly adhering to well documented procedures in place (insurance policies, company policies) which all becomes a part of the obligation for us and for any operator to ensure that passengers are kept safe when giving them outstanding riding experiences.


Jass’s business process work is never complicated, but simple while dealing with customers. Instead of providing with unnecessary info or time wasting service, we are able to mesh the correct standard policies to implement it easily so that customers get the best out of it understanding to what they don't know. Our belief on contracts, pricing, and services is to make things simple and better. The quote is the final price. No hiding of the facts about taxes, services charges or fees is ever included on our professional, luxurious, unforgettable limo service. Business to Jass means is to cater to specific needs of every client clearly which ultimately offers a hassle free service to the customers